Let’s not spring forward.

At 2am tomorrow morning in the United States, save for Hawaii, Arizona, and a handful of territories, Daylight Saving Time will start for 2018. The brainchild of Benjamin Franklin to save candle wax and align our clocks with the sun, Daylight Saving Time has fallen out of favor with most of American public. There is a large movement to forgo the notion of changing our clocks twice a year. However, rather than getting rid of Daylight Saving Time I have a better idea that can both protect the legacy of Benjamin Franklin and bless us with a bit of convenience out of this whole fiasco.

We may not like springing forward but we love falling back, but who doesn’t like getting an extra hour of sleep in the fall. Instead of both springing forward and falling back in year, let’s fall back twice in year. Two extra hours of sleep. Who can complain?

This presents us with an obvious problem: what will we name this new time change? “Daylight Saving Time” wouldn’t be accurate anymore, since we’re not saving daylight anymore (I think, I don’t know the actual mechanics of how we’re saving daylight). We can call it “Quoc’s Genius Double Fall Back Time Change.”

All joking aside, let’s address the real problem: won’t we keep gaining time until the moon is out at noon and the sun at midnight?

Yes, but instead of a problem that is a good thing! In the past month, I have proposed the total elimination of time zones to facilitate international business. With the wisdom I have gained in the moon cycle since then, I now realize that was a flawed idea. How could we expect some countries to become nocturnal and others to not? It’s a huge inequality. However, combined with my current idea, we could all be on the same time zones and we would all have to bear the burden of nocturnality (plus we all get two nights a year with an hour of extra sleep).

Everyone would need to be on the same time zone and it would be the same time everywhere on our planet, regardless of the position of the sun. Business hours would still last from 9a. to 5pm, even though that may be in the night for half of the world and day for the other half. We’ll all adjust our daily schedules to match this new global time zone and it would be less than ideal at the beginning for some people.

However, once we lose two hours a year, in 6 years, the nine to five would be in the night for the other half of countries and day for the half where it was originally night time (this is getting quite confusing). This would cycle every 12 years (and we’d need to add a leap day or something too).

“Quoc’s Genius Double Fall Back Time Change” solves many problems. First, it gets rid of that pesky time change in the spring where everyone loses an hour of sleep for a couple of days. Not just that, it gives everyone two extra hours of sleep a year, probably increasing productivity for two days a year. More importantly, “Quoc’s Genius Double Fall Back Time Change” will simplify the world of international business by keeping everyone on the same schedule.

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