President R19 Boddie is the Republicans’ Best Choice for President

Americans have already started to decide on who will lead our nation in the following years. We have our pick from the field of candidates for the Democratic nomination, all proposing progressive policies and reform that push to make the United States a more equitable country. Running for reelection, we also have President Donald Trump, who’s time in office has been marked by brazen corruption and unashamed white supremacy.

These are not our only choices. Vying for the 2020 Republican nomination for president is President (that’s his first name) R19 (that’s his middle name) Boddie (that’s his last name). We, the editorial board, believe that Mr. Boddie has radical ideals that will transform our country for the better with concrete plans to see them through and the character to restore dignity and decorum to the highest office in our land.

Not much light has been cast on the 2020 Republican primary. Primary challenges against incumbent Presidents have historically not been fruitful and there is no reason to believe that President R19 Boddie’s against President Donald Trump will be either.

This does not matter; President R19 Boddie is already the President of the United States of America as ordained by God Himself. It is merely our duty to elect him.

I am already the President of the United States by the will of the Living God. It is not my ambition. On January 28th [2018], he said run.

President R19 Boddie, Manchester Lesser-Known Presidential Candidates Forum

In recent years we have seen the rejection of the political establishment, made especially clear with the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. This election cycle has seen the meteoric rise of candidates who are self-proclaimed political outsiders, such as Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

President R19 Boddie is a true newcomer to politics never having held any political office in his life. As his only experience and qualification on Citizens Count, a website dedicated to giving a non-partisan overview of political candidates in New Hampshire, he lists Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution.

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Constitution of the United States of America, Article II, Section I

Mr. Boddie pushes a platform vastly divergent from what his party has become in recent years. In stark contrast to Donald Trump’s Republican Party, President R19 Boddie touts love, compassion, and truth as core tenets of his campaign and his presidency.

More concretely, President R19 Boddie is pushing for free tuition at public colleges and universities, an increase in the effort to combat climate change, and an expanded view of gun control (through the creation of the the Praise Force, the 7th branch of the U.S. military).

That is not to say, however, that he is pushing only liberal platforms. Mr. Boddie has variety of stances on issues such as women’s rights, immigration, and the economy, some of which are very conservative. He also wants to unite Israel and America as one nation.

It’s refreshing to see a candidate who is not beholden to the policies of their party and is able to take more nuanced stances on complex topics, such as the legalization of marijuana, on which he writes:

The 10th Amendment Of The Constitution Of The United States Does Not Allow The Federal Government To Legalize Marijuana In All 50 States And As President Of The United States of America I Am Up Holding This (10th Amendment). Also Marijuana (Like Tobacco) Is A Plant That Has Medicinal Properties And Should Have Never Been Made Illegal In The First Place. Now I was Delivered From Smoking Weed (Marijuana) In And Around July 2009 It Happened While I Was Watching Pastor Joel Osteen On TV. I Had An American Indian Cigarette In One Hand And A Joint Of Marijuana In The Other. I Was As We Say ‘Gettin To It’ Not To Mention A Glass Of Cranberry Vodka Was On Deck. I Was Having Myself A Real Good Time Until Suddenly The Holy Spirit Spoke To Me Saying ‘Stop Smoking’. I Laughed Out Loud And Replied ‘How Do I Know This Is You’? And The Holy Spirit Answered Saying ‘Name Your Sign’. I Said Ok If This Is Really You The White Man (Joel Osteen) On TV Will Say The Word ‘Smoke’ Right Now! And Then The Holy Spirit Said ‘Then Never Smoke Again For The Rest Of Your Life’. So I Grabbed The Near By Remote Control And Turned The Television Volume Up, I Thought To Myself ‘There Is No Way He Can Say Smoke Because The Show Is About To Go Off’ Pastor Osteen Concluded By Saying ‘ We Never Like To Close Our Broadcast Out Without Leaving You With A Word. There Was A Man One Day Stranded In The Wilderness His Plane Had Crashed. He Build Himself A Hut And Then Went Out To Hunt For Food And Found Nothing. Only To Return Back To His Hut And Discovered that It Had Burned Down. He Threw Himself To The Ground And Just When He Thought All Hope Was Lost A Helicopter Lowered A Ladder Which He Grabbed A Hold Of And Was Pulled Up To Safety. When He Entered Into The Cockpit He Asked The Pilot How Did You Know I Was Down There? The Pilot Said We Saw The SMOKE Ascending From The Burning Hut’. Joel Osteen Went On To Say That GOD Says That If You Keep Your Promise To Him (Stop Smoking) Then He Will Bless You With That Relationship You Prayed For (My Wife Now) The Business You Always Wanted (Kingdom Business). And Now I President ‘R19’ Boddie Am Saying To You All As It Is Written ‘In The Day That You Hear The Voice Of The Lord Your GOD Harden Not Your Heart’. Please Stop Smoking. It Hinders Your Blessings Believe Me I Know! I Obeyed GOD And Now Look At What He Is Doing In My Life. I AM ALREADY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2020. Now Imagine What The Lord Your GOD Will Do For You. Elect President R Boddie 2020. Watch GOD Move! New Hampshire Primaries Vote Tuesday Feb 11, 2020 General Elections Vote Tuesday Nov 3, 2020 Love Is Peace Love Is Truth Love Is Justice

President R19 Boddie, Citizens Count Issue Survey 2020

President R19 Boddie claims to neither identify as a Democrat nor Republican — ignorant to even terms like “liberal” and “conservative” until his recent presidential run — and his platform can’t be described in partisan terms (or any terms, really), so it remains a mystery as to why he would choose to seek the nomination of the Republican party against the incumbent President.

Mr. Boddie’s platform is complex. He can’t be easily classified with simple and catchy labels, like “moderate Republican” or “democratic socialist.” He has disavowed the label “conservative,” because he claims that he is “into the root etymology of words” and “con servative” sounds a lot like “con service” and he isn’t against service; he’s for it.

This very fact is what makes Mr. Boddie such a unique candidate and a large part of why he has failed to make much progress with the American public two years into his campaign. He refuses to be labeled and easily understood. Voters, without an easy way to conceptualize who President R19 Boddie really is, do not take the time to learn about him and his policies. And that is the only reason why Mr. Boddie is not the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

However, these weaknesses of his campaign are also what make him such a compelling candidate. Mr. Boddie isn’t afraid to have radical ideas that make him hard to categorize. He doesn’t have cookie-cutter Republican or Democratic polices and can see unity through our contentious and divisive political climate. This is, in part, why he has captured the attention of nearly half a thousand subscribers on YouTube.

I think all of these titles and terms is dividing and I believe that we’re not going to divide this nation no more. This nation will be united.

President R19 Boddie, YouTube Interview 1

Despite this large following, he remains an enigma. Not much is known about his personal life. Mr. Boddie hails from Covington, Georgia, where he is married, with seven children. He reveals that he has battled a stint of homelessness and overcome incredible odds. Mr. Boddie also mentions that he is blind, though we can’t be sure if that was in a metaphorical sense or if he is physically blind.

President R19 Boddie is a man that Americans can identify with. Many candidates claim this but none have the political inexperience to back it up. Mr. Boddie hopes to appeal to the increasingly marginalized group of conservative Christians in America. In fact, the “R19” in President R19 Boddie’s name stands for Revelations 19 (verse 11, specifically).

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

The Bible, King James Version, Revelations 19:11

Revelations 19 tells the story of this warrior, named “Faithful and True”, commanding the armies of heaven and defeating the Beast that is earthly temptation and sin. President R19 Boddie is this warrior and we are his army.

Sure, the vast majority of President R19 Boddie’s policies are problematic. Some disregard the concerns of our most underrepresented citizens, while others aren’t economically feasible, and a few are downright physically impossible.

A vote for President R19 Boddie isn’t a vote for his policies, however. Many of his statements betray his lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of the federal government and the Constitution, so these policies will likely never come to pass.

The fact of the matter is that President R19 Boddie can only become President President R19 Boddie through divine intervention or an act of God; and that’s exactly what he claims. God has already proclaimed Mr. Boddie as our President, so who are we to dispute God’s word.

With God’s assurance, it seems wholly unnecessary that Mr. Boddie needs this endorsement from us or even the vote of the American people to rise to the Presidency of the United States.

But just as Mr. Boddie must put in dedication and hard work, toiling away on the campaign trail, to fulfill God’s vision for him, we must do our job at the ballot boxes and polling places in order to elect this man as the 46th (though he claims that he would be the 1st — that’s a whole other rabbit hole) President of the United States of America.

Mr. Boddie has appeared on the Republican ballot for the New Hampshire primary on February 11th, 2020, but has, unfortunately, not made the cut for any other primaries. We must write in his name. That leaves just one more thing to say, something Mr. Boddie himself is so fond of saying:

Elect President R19 Boddie 2020. Watch GOD Move!

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